Robots, gratitude, and how to start your morning.

This week...

I read:

  • Gratitude is the New Willpower by David DeSteno: In this fascinating article, David DeSento explores the power of gratitude and its effect on our decisions. I love the idea that intentionally being grateful can not only bring us peace, but can make us more patient and lead us toward wiser decisions.
  • Copy, Transform, and Combine: Where Ideas Come From by 99U / Kirby Ferguson: I love this TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson and his ideas about creativity. I think every creative, artist, and entrepreneur would benefit from embracing the remix.
  • You’re Waking Up Wrong by Rebecca Greenfield: This is another article that addresses our addiction to email, and offers a great way to deal with its oppression – ignoring our smartphones for the first part of our morning, filling the time with activities that give our days the kind of start we need to be highly productive. I personally can’t be reminded of the importance of this discipline enough.

I tried:

  • Robots Love Ice Cream: I’m not a big gamer but my good friends over atDragon Army released their first game this week and I’ve been addicted ever since! I mean, what’s not to love about a game where you can save the universe with weaponized ice cream?!

I listened to:

  • Creaking by S. Carey: This song is from Range of Light, S. Carey’s latest album. The whole thing is wonderful. A perfect album to listen to while writing or doing any other creative work.