Know Your Mission – What The Hive Gathering Got Right

Going into the Hive Gathering last Tuesday night, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I’ve been to a lot of networking and leadership events and usually end up feeling like they’re not the most valuable use of my time. While I think networking and community are absolutely crucial to the success of leaders and entrepreneurs, these events often fall short in reaching their ultimate goal – comfortably facilitating meaningful connections. I can honestly say that the Hive Gathering exceeded my expectations in every way. If you want to know what the content and format of the evening was like, please read this great recap by my friend Kevin Sandlin, or one of these other great posts. I’m not going to add another recap to the mix, but I do want to discuss the one thing I believe Jake and the Hive Team got so right with this event – they know exactly why they exist as an organization and every single component of the event contributed directly to their mission. This kind of laser-focus is difficult to cultivate, especially among creatives, but the Hive Team nailed it in their impressive execution of the gathering.

No Lonely Leaders is Hive’s tagline and mission. It’s such a simple but crucial goal for an organization to work toward. We often emotionalize the word “lonely” in our culture, but it’s important to remember its basic definition. Lonely means being without company. It’s impossible to lead, grow, or succeed at anything if you are isolated – and I cannot imagine that anyone left the gathering on Tuesday feeling lonely.

It was apparent from the second I stepped inside Roam’s beautiful facility in Dunwoody that every element of the event had the simple purpose of connecting me to other leaders. From the Skill Wall to the Let’s Connect cards they equipped us with for the Speed Dating portion of the evening, the Hive team went to painstaking lengths to remove any barriers to connection for the people attending.

While the evening’s speakers were amazing all on their own (huge props to Scottand Hannah!) Hive didn’t fall into the trap that many networking events do – relying on the speakers to fuel the evening’s success rather than allowing them to compliment what is already going on.

Another plus: the event was jam-packed with a lot of different segments and activities. I took one look at the agenda and was convinced that it was going to run way longer than they promised it would. But again, I was floored at the fact that they stuck to the schedule down to the minute! This type of excellence in execution builds trust in the people attending the event, helping make everyone more comfortable. It’s easy to overlook the importance of a detail like this, but the Hive Team was totally on-point.

Know your mission. Make sure everything you do points back to that mission. Jake and his team pulled this off seamlessly the other night. I am so glad they invited me to attend. I’ll definitely be at the next one – will you?