The Weekender

This week...

I read:

  • What separates the successful from the unsuccessful by Renata Musial: While I think that “success” is a much more subjective thing than most people give it credit for, I appreciated this look at some very basic (but difficult) characteristics that we could all do well to strive toward. Practicing these these things can help us reach our goals and become more well-rounded people, and more valuable to the world around us.
  • Top trends in the world of work by Barrett Brooks: Barrett is right on point with these trends. This is especially relevant to millennials like myself who were told that all we had to do to be guaranteed a decent job was to get a college degree. The reality is pretty alarming, but awareness of these trends is super important to anyone who wants to adapt to and thrive in the changing workforce.
  • Upgrade your brain: Programming resources for coding newbies by Adam Benzion: Continuing on the theme of professional self-betterment, this article hits on a really important skill that everyone (especially millennials) would do well to take note of: coding. I’ve heard it said many times before – understanding code is going to be as important as being a good writer in the coming years. While I don’t know if that is 100% true, I am confident that learning to code is one of the best ways to improve your marketability in a quickly growing industry. Personally, I’ve been working and it’s proven to be way easier to learn and way more fun that I thought! You can get intensive training through Iron Yard’s Code Academy at Atlanta Tech Village. It’s not free like the others, but they guarantee you a job! That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

I tried:

  • Medium for iPhone: As I’ve said before, I love Medium. Not only is it chock-full of interesting articles, it’s one of the most beautiful websites on the internet. So naturally, I’ve been hoping they’d develop a mobile app – I do 50% + of my reading on my phone. This week, they delivered, kind of. Like many others, I hated the app at first. It’s purposefully designed to be read-only, which is really annoying when you’re used to having full control of navigating through the available content. Nonetheless, I continued to use the app and started to enjoy the personalized reading list they give you based on your Twitter activity. I found articles that I otherwise might have missed. Overall, I’m really glad that Medium now has a place on the front page of my iPhone.

I listened to:

  • Love at the End by John Mark McMilian: John Mark is one of my favorite songwriters in the world. His music reaches across genres, religious labels, and into the soul of the listener. His new album, Borderland, might be my favorite body work from him yet.