Engage as much as you consume.

Ours is a culture of consumption. We live in a world filled with endless opportunities to immediately consume almost anything without any real effort on our part – media, information, online social affirmation, Chipotle…  you get my point. All this consumption and the technology that makes it possible is great, but what about engagement? Isn’t conversation as important as consumption? Social media strategists will tell you that engagement is as important, if not more important than content. But anyone will tell you that engagement can be pretty difficult. A good writer can crank out a ton of blog posts. A great social media marketer can create weeks’ worth of quality social content at a time. But it takes vulnerability to engage.

This is also true for non-marketers. Think of all the blogs you read – how often do you add to the conversation? Think of all the people you follow on Twitter – what percentage of them have you actually interacted with? I think some of us are gun-shy because often the people that actually engage in online conversations are angry, argumentative, and full of close-minded opinions. But we shouldn’t let that keep us from adding value by adding our input, by continuing the conversation.