Design, learning, and making the most of your twenties.

This week...

I read:

  • 10 Strategies Quick Learners Use To Pick Up Anything by Drake Baer: A willingness to never stop learning is one of the most important things anyone can do to be successful. The ability to pick up new things quickly is a skill everyone should hone. Drake Baer presents 10 tried and true strategies that can help you become an impressively fast learner.
  •  Good Design Ain’t Pretty by Luke Jones: I’m not a designer in the least but I am very swayed by quality design. This article addresses the tension between form and function (or UI and UX), which is pretty fascinating to me.
  • 10 Smart Moves Every Twentysomething Should Make by Jessica Stillman: “Your 20s isn’t a throwaway decade,” Jessica writes at the beginning of this article. A very good reminder for millennials, this article highlights some great ways to make the most of this strange and exciting time in life.

I tried:

  • Todoist: This app might have just surpassed and Wunderlist in my book as the best available simple task manager. Todoist is just robust enough to handle multiple different projects at once, but doesn’t have the learning curve or complexity of apps like OmniFocus. Plus it is available on iOS and desktop, which is huge for me.

I listened to:

  • Fall in Love by Phantogram: This song is all the rage lately, and I can’t get enough. That bass at 1:01 drives it all home.