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Hi! I’m Lindsay, 👋

but you can call me Trinks. I'm an entrepreneur and human-centered marketer. I value both data and empathy in my work, and tend to overuse the word optimization in real life.

I’m really into —

Sociology & the future of things. In an alternate life, I would work for the Bartlet administration in The West Wing.

Wiled Co.

I am the co-founder of Wiled, a human-centered marketing agency. At Wiled, empathy drives creativity and strategy, with the goal of creating seamless, human experiences that drive meaningful results.

Let's be friends.

Are you a fellow analytics geek, sociology nerd, digital marketer, or creative that values connection? Awesome, we should totally be friends. Give me a shout on Twitter — @lindsaytrinkle.

Also, if you fit the above description and/or like reading blogs in general, then I have the email list for you. 👇👇👇